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Make Your Stay in Fife Luxurious With A Hot Tub

When booking a relaxing stay away from home, we tend to look for scenic changes and things to do that are out of the norm to refresh, reinvigorate and enliven our souls. Choosing a lodge with a hot tub is an excellent way to do just that and add a luxurious edge to your stay.

The East Neuk of Fife is ideal for anyone looking to escape their everyday life, with stunning coastal panoramas, historic architecture and activities, and plenty of things to explore. The holiday accommodation is ideal as well, with stylish decor, immaculate furnishings and a relaxed vibe as standard. What makes it even better is that many of our holiday homes and lodges come with hot tubs to give you that luxurious stay you’ve been looking for.

An ideal way to rest and relax

Choosing a lodge with a hot tub for your Fife holiday is an excellent idea, as the relaxing warm bubbles can help soothe the whole family’s muscles after a long coastal walk or help you and your loved ones spend quality time together discussing your favourite parts of the Kingdom of Fife. 

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, why not crack open the bubbles and soak in your own private space for as long as you wish?

Browse our range of lodges with hot tubs in Fife and plan your stay today.

Explore Hot Tub Holidays In Fife

  • Why book a lodge with a hot tub?

    Hot tubs are a fancy addition to any holiday as they help you recover from your busy day or just allow you to relax in style. Not many of us have them at home, so it adds a more luxurious vibe to your stay and really helps reinforce that holiday mindset.

  • Is it safe to use a holiday home hot tub?

    We have strict cleanliness rules at Premier Stays Fife, and many owners choose to use our award-winning cleaning services to help maintain their holiday homes. 

    All the hot tubs in our holiday homes and lodges in Fife should be crystal clear with the highest hygiene, but if you have any concerns, please get in touch with our customer service team.

  • What are the benefits of hot tubs?

    Hot tubs are relaxing in a way unlike much else – the bubbles, heat, fresh air and more combine to give you a multi-sensory experience designed to make you feel good.


    Some of the benefits of hot tubs include:

    • Ache and pain relief through heat, buoyancy and bubbles.
    • Muscle relaxation from the heat which dilates blood vessels and improves circulation.
    • Stress relief through the warmth, calming jets and white noise.
    • Improved sleep – just like a shower before bed.
    • Quality time through soaking with your friends and family in close quarters.
  • Do all your lodges have hot tubs?

    Not every Premier Stays property has a hot tub, but the many that do are shared on this page. If you’re searching by location, check for the hot tub symbol in the facilities list of the property.

Hot tub lodge near St Andrews in a dog friendly resort