Gin tasting

gin tasting

Gin tasting night

Delight your taste buds with an exclusive gin-tasting session. Our experts will guide you through premium gins, sharing insights into their distinct botanicals, production processes, and recommended pairings.

Our package includes the following:

  • Three-Course Set Menu: Savor a culinary experience fit for a connoisseur with our meticulously crafted five-course set menu. Each dish is thoughtfully designed to complement the exquisite flavours of gin, creating a harmonious blend of tastes to satisfy your palate.
  • Three Gin-Inspired Drinks: Beyond the tasting, our skilled mixologists will concoct gin-inspired drinks for you throughout the night. Whether you prefer classic gin cocktails or innovative creations, each sip promises a delightful revelation.
  • Breakfast Delights:  Fuel your day with a hearty meal that energises you and prepares you to relish more moments of gin-infused enjoyment.

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